Jared and Jensen | VanCon2013

“You know, in almost two years I’ve never bothered you, never asked you for a thing.”


'We spend way too much time around each other.' [x]

“ the reason i am so inlove with your blog is not only your love for jensen, but your complete respect for danneel. I hate the way some blogs hate on gen and danneel, theres nothing more annoying. I love how you dont see a picture of jensen loooking at jared or misha and think theyre fucking, but you appreciate their freindship. Your like such a good, sensible, amazing, perfect blog. <3 <3 ” — Anonymous

I consider this to be a huge compliment, thank you so much for saying these kinds words :) xx

“ does jensen smoke? do you know ” — Anonymous

He has been snapped, in the past, smoking. 

Haven’t seen or heard of anything relating to him smoking for quite a number of years now. I assume it was a social thing… or for the occasional stress-relief. 

Smoking used to be big among actors (a trend that has only really made a draw out in the last two, three years?) because it kept their hunger to a bare minimum which helped them control their weight and maintain body shape. Also the 14 hour days kind of wears on you after a bit…and the stress portraying a personality opposite of your own can do your head in after a while. 

As far as I know, he doesn’t smoke any more. 


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You’re still special to me :)

i think you’re special too bby